You Ought Not Be in Pictures

Final post about the Harrisburg Marathon. Suggested titles: "Carnage Caught on Film," "The Pumpkin King Rides Again," or "Vanity Has No Limits." Anywho...

On the top is the only one of the professional pics I'm considering buying. Why? Because this one was snapped at mile 25, and the myriad of insane thoughts that are rolling around in one's skull at that point deserve to be captured. I like the fact that you can see my utter disgust with the moment.

The middle pic - courtesy of the wife - was taken at the 25.5 mile mark, so there's certainly an air of nostalgia. However, the shorts on top of my tights give my hips the appearance of a Victorian woman. Incidentally, I'm not a fan of the shorts on top of tights look. However, I needed the Race-Ready shorts as they held: my insulin pump, blood sugar meter, strips & lancet, e-gels, iPod and a partridge in a pear tree.

And finally, approx. 3 minutes after the race with my Father-in-Law (head of the pit crew) and Uberson and Wonder Daughter.


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