Taper Week #1 - Nearly Done...

Blog's been kind of quiet this week. I've got a biz trip next week and - as usual - am jamming two weeks of work into 1 week. However, most everything is going well.

Tuesday was a bike ride. It's getting to be that time of year where bike riding isn't as much fun. A bit colder.

Wednesday was an interval workout... I actually had an upset stomach and took the day off from work. By late PM, things were a bit better and I had a good - if not splendid - workout.

Thursday was supposed to be a bike day, but a couple guys from work wanted to go for an easy 4 mile trail run, so we did.

I've got a tempo scheduled for today, though that will likely happen late. Like I said, this week is a bear, schedule-wise.

One guide I read said that this week, I should set a series of goals for the marathon. Here they are:
3:15 - That's what it takes for me to get to Boston. Here's the deal: I have a 3:15 in me, if the weather is perfect, I manage my blood sugars well, and the couple aches and pains rolling around in my knees and foot decide to stay quiet. Fitness-wise, I am there, but there's not much wiggle room left.

3:20 - See above. Murphy was an optimist. Three hours is a long time for nothing to go wrong and I'm ok pulling a 3:20.

3:30 - This is my first marathon, and the truth is if I don't at least 3:20, the "glory" will be completing my first in any time. A 3:30's no better to me than a 3:40, and no worse than a 3:25.

I've found there are two kinds of people when it comes to goals.... People who set tough goals and can live with themselves if they miss them and people who set easier goals but go nuts if they miss them. I'm the former type. For me right now, a 3:15 will take a perfect day, but I'm ok not making it, too. This training period has given me two 1/2 marathon PR's, a 5k PR and my first age-group award. Either way, I'm in better shape now than I've been in for quite a long time, and a 3:20 won't change that.

Still, you better watch out 3:15. You're mine. ;)


  1. Good luck man... You've got a healthy outlook on it. You've put in the time, I think 3:15 is possible. But, you're right, it will depend on how you feel that day. I'm sure you'll do great.


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