Not an ideal way to taper.

I'm in Chicago for the American Business Leaders Top Management Meeting.

To keep away the germs from the plane/stress/hand shaking, I think I'm going to OD on Vitamin B.

Seriously, it's a great time and I'm learning a lot, but spending the day in dress shoes and the night in the bar probably isn't a recommended taper on any marathon plan.

I might go for a little 3 miler this PM. After all, I have a cute little Runner's World Map, courtesy of Westin Workouts (my third westin to give me a "card.").

Home again tomorrow and then a few days to catch up on sleep.


  1. i can totally relate to that feeling of wanting to wear a mask in those last few weeks and days prior to marathon! you've worked too hard to let someone sneeze on you & ruin it all!


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