Diabetes Didn't Beat Me... But Boston's Qualifying Standards Did.

The last thing I have the energy for right now is a race report, but because so many took the time to wish me good luck (including Missy Foy!! woo-hoo - I feel like Chris Farley on the Chris Farley show when he had Paul McCartney on!) that I owe y'all some nitty gritty's.

Here's the deal: I finished in 3:19 (probably 3:18:57 when they adjust for chip time). I was a total stud for the first 18 miles (averaging 7:20 pace), and then for some dumb reason - they sent us into the woods for two rolling miles, after 18 miles of flat -tick-tock-tick-tock running. Alas, that was the beginning of the end.

Out of the woods, I had about two more miles where I thought I was putting the pieces back together, but I came totally unglued at the 22 mile mark. I mean, seriously unglued - like 8:15-8:25 unglued. It was ugly and my legs were screaming.

In retrospect, 7:20's was a bit of a stretch for where I am fitness-wise, and I might've done better doing like 7:23's. Then again, maybe -- miles 18-20, IMO, were just an utter torture test.

Here's the thing, diabetics (and fans of diabetics): I started the race @ 190, lowered my basal rate by 75% and said a prayer. I took a gel at 7 miles, 14 miles and kind of played with 1 around 21 - though I was reasonably certain the wheels weren't coming off to a lack of sugar, or too much for that better. I never tested my blood sugar the whole race and finished at 105. Boo-yah. That's my reward for testing on all those 20 mile runs.

So, Boston will have to wait, and I'm ok with that. My second running career is only 16 months old, and there were 12 years in there I didn't run unless the kids were ready to jam a fork into the electric socket. So, in many ways, I'm rested baby.

Then again, that would be the last word to describe me right now...

More after I heal, and thanks again for the cool wishes. It meant a lot.


  1. Congratulations. You should be very proud!

  2. ok, just read some past posts ... this was your first marathon? and you did it in 3:19?! that rocks!

    great job - congratulations!

  3. Congrats on a great effort. I'm sorry you didn't hit your BQ goal, but a 3:18/19 is definitely within striking distance and I'm sure you will get it next time.

  4. Awesome job... You'll make up that 3 minutes next time just by nature of your second marathon. Awesome effort man. Sorry you didn't quite get there.


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