Zookoda Frustrations

Sometimes businesses need to decide if they have a company or a hobby on their hands. I'm starting to feel that way about Zookoda.

I blogged about Zookoda several months back. They have a wicked slick interface and a nice system for sending out blog-based news. Most of the time, it works great.

A few weeks into it, I was having a rather simple problem and complained about it. When they finally responded to my complaint - three days later - their tone was basically, "Hey, this is beta and it's free - what are you complaining about?"

I send a few different newsletters every Friday and for the second time in four weeks, my newsletters didn't go out this Friday. Or rather, according to the Zookoda system, they were sent, but not delivered. Last time this happened, they ended up getting delivered about 14 hours later.

Let's make this simple: if your business is one that delivers e-mails, you better deliver the e-mails. Whether you're in beta. Whether you're free. Whatever.

I applaud what Zookoda's trying to do and when it works, it's the slickest system out there. I chose it over FeedBlitz not because it's free (FeedBlitz is close enough to free), but because it has more features and prettier templates. None of which mean anything if your damn emails don't go out.

Public notice here: if I go two days without a response or 14 hours without my broadcasts being sent, I'm done with Zookoda.


  1. FeedBlitz leads in deliverability, lets you customize your templates and has real time analytics. If there's somehing you can't live without that we don't have, please mail us. We're a year old now and fully in production.



  2. Phil,

    Thanks for your comment. I agree FeedBlitz is tops in uptime (I still push a FeedBlitz from this blog.). I haven't look at your templates lately - they were awful last year. :)

    As an update for anyone tracking this conversation, Zookoda finally delivered my newsletter, about 16 hours late. They responded to my inquiry about four days later.

    To my way of thinking, that's really not good enough and in the next few weeks I'm going to be deciding what to do.


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