How People Use Your Website

A new service just launched called ClickTale which records how people move about your website. I think this is a great idea. My recent corporate redesign was done in such a way that I can tell you exactly how I intend for people to move through the site and this service lets you see if your intentions are being met. I've already signed up to be on the beta list and hope I get in.


  1. Hey Marcus

    You can also check out another service that offers a lot of what ClickTale is claiming and more.'s SalesGenius product, launched in May and is the first web service that lets sales reps instantly qualify prospects by tracking individual visits to corporate web sites without any programming or IT involvement. SalesGenius shows exactly which pages a prospect has visited, so sales professionals know who’s most interested and can tailor pitches to match a prospect's interests. You can sign up for a free trial here:



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