A New Business Venture's Shiny & Deep Story

Marketing guru Seth Godin says that "the most successful marketers tell two stories at the same time. A shiny one and a deep one. The shiny story is easy to notice, easy to enjoy, easy to spread. The deep story is fascinating, worth your time. It has texture and mystery and it lasts."

Peter Leach is a good friend of mine. He's also technically a client of mine, though I think over the years I've bartered as much as I've bought or sold with or to him.

Peter's a great photographer and had an idea for in-action pictures of your student athletes, printed on durable automotive magnets. I think it's a great idea and you can see the tiny website I put up for him here.

So the "shiny" story for Sportscarz is the fact that you get a magnet for your car with a picture of your kid on it. That's cool and we think it'll make people at least inquire.

The "deep" story, though, is that Peter's been a professional photographer for more than twenty years. He's worked with some of the best designers in America and has been entrusted to handle many high-dollar jobs. So, you're not just getting snapshots; you're getting some awesome pictures.

In all things marketing, go shiny and deep.


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