Schizophrenics Rejoice

As the PC in my house passed its 4th birthday, the wife and I began to realize that 2006 will likely mean a new computer for us.

She, being a teacher, wanted a Mac.

Me, being someone who likes to buy software, wanted a PC.

We actually considered getting two systems - 1 of each, and may still do that.

But after yesterday's announcement by Apple, it appears we're likely Mac-Bound. What does all the geek-speak in that announcement mean? Basically, this:

Q: Can the new Intel Macs run Windows?
A: While Jobs didn't address this question at Macworld, at last year's Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple executive Phil Schiller
told that while the company would not sell or support Windows on Mac hardware, "that doesn't preclude someone from running it on a Mac. They probably will. We won't do anything to preclude that." But you can't run OS X on just any Intel dual-core chip. The only place you can run both Windows and Mac is on the Mac.

[UPDATED]: Scratch that. It's come to our attention that, for technical reasons, current versions of Windows will not run on the new Macs. However, 32-bit versions of Microsoft's upcoming Windows operating system, the long-awaited Vista, theoretically will be able to run on the Macs.


  1. yep, i'll be buying the new one, too. You are going to be very happy.


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