Oh Fine, Stereotype Me...

I used to be a rebel - hated to be labelled, said I was my own man - blah, friggin', blah, but the more I read about GenX, the more I realize I'd make a good poster child for them (or, uh, us):

"The top three things they want in a job, we found, are positive relationships with colleagues, interesting work, and continuous opportunities for learning," says Charlotte Shelton, a management consultant at a firm called WiseWork (http://www.wisework.com) who teaches graduate courses at Rockhurst University's Helzberg School of Management in Kansas City.

"Recognition scored very low, and power and prestige ranked dead last. Salary, a major preoccupation for boomers, came in third from the bottom." She adds: "It's interesting, because most employee-motivation efforts in companies are designed by boomers, who tend to build the programs around what motivates them. But this generation is different."

I especially was fond of this:

Autodesk's biggest appeal for Xers, she adds, may be its policy of no set work hours: "There's no absenteeism policy, and no one keeps track of sick days. The philosophy is, these are all capable people, so let's assume they can behave like adults. Employees respond to that with an unusually high level of commitment."

As a GenX parent of two school-age kids, this type of policy is vital (IMO). I'm fiercely dedicated to work, and will gladly give it however much time it takes to complete projects successfully. But if one of the kids tosses their cookies at school, I'm going to go get them. The company that lets me do this guilt-free will be worth far more to me than the company that doesn't.

Good article. Read more here.


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