Putting the Cart About a Mile in Front of the Horse

I won't be surprised if somebody tells me there's a good use for this product, but at this point, I'm stumped.

A new company has launched which will allow you to publish RSS feeds without having a blog or a website. Now while I haven't heard what FeedXS claims their strategy to be, this is how Wired interpreted it:

This enables people who may not be so web-savvy the ability to post informational updates about themselves to their friends and family, sort of like an email blast.

Yeah - last I checked, the market is really strong for people who get RSS but are scared of blogs. The simplest way I've found to help people "get" RSS is to first help them to "get" blogging. Until then, it's a lot of Blank Stare City.


  1. Anonymous7:12 AM

    I think RSS is much more than what FeedXS is promoting it to be ... And it doesnt really have the features to go beyond the traditional. I feel services like http://www.rapidfeeds.com are much more useful and easy to use when you talk about publishing an RSS feed without a blog ... we should just probably wait to see what more happens in this space.


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