A Little Ha-Ha Humor...

The owner of a large company was at the end of his rope. Sales were down, profits were down further, and the legal department was awash in lawsuits. Searching for some solace, he decided to visit his minister.

"My son," the minister said, "In times like these, it's vital to let the Lord guide you. Go to the beach and sit at the water's edge with your Bible in your lap. The power of the ocean's winds will guide the pages to your best course of action."

Sure enough, a year later the businessman returns to the church, looking much better. He drives up in a Jaguar and is wearing a a thousand dollar suit.

"Indeed," the minister says, "the Lord works in mysterious ways. Obviously, the wind guided you to the right passage."

"It sure did," the businessman agreed.

"Tell me," said the minister. "What did the page you turned to say?"

"Chapter 11," said the businessman.

Shamelessly liberated from Reader's Digest.


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