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Remember how two hours ago I wrote that I wasn't racing this weekend? Well, plans have changed.

I thought girl wonder (aka, my 12-year-old daughter) had a tennis conflict this weekend. Turns out, though, she doesn't.

Now, I *know* I said it was more important to build my mileage... and it is. I'm still planning on running the same miles I intended.

And I *know* I said I don't think I can go sub 1:30 and I don't. Actually, considering I just ran 13 miles three days ago, I'm very positive of that. In fact, with no taper and a slightly sore shin, I think a top goal might be just to go sub 1:33, which would still be a PR for me.

So, I *know* I said it didn't make sense to do this race.

Then again, as this blog has shown many times, I don't always make sense.
Want to run a half marathon with me this Saturday? I'll be here.


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