Verizon turned our phones back on. You're all heart, you bastards.

Just found out the half marathon I'm planning on running this Saturday has 20 entrants. I really don't know what to think about that, other than I'm expecting crowds to be a bit sparse and the line for the porta-potties to be very manageable.

Just got the new issue of Running Times, sporting a whole new layout and a new font size that must be like 9 points. Holy moly is it small.

Complaining about font sizes makes me sound realllllly old, doesn't it?

Didn't get out to run today, which sucked a little. However, it'll do for a mini-taper going into Saturday.

I got called to federal jury duty next month... 60 miles away in Philly. This, less than a year after serving local jury duty. I guess they liked the fact that I kept to myself and didn't complain too much. Oh, the joys of public service.


  1. Kind of weird having a long race with so few participants. Hopefully a bunch of people will register on race day. Good luck going after a new PR.

  2. Anonymous4:26 PM

    Jury Duty! Dude, federal time is very doable. Put the bastard away.


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