Boston, the Nimbus and My Slowest 5k Ever...

I've been a bad blogger of late, mostly because I've been a good worker and runner. Mileage is steady and climbing and things are getting to done on my to-do list. Many times, that means a lack of reflection time. But still, there are things to say...

This Saturday I have a 5k. Even though I really really feel I'm in PR-shape and would have a shot at 19:15-19:30, my goal time for this one is 30:00. How's comes? I'm running it with my 12 year-old daughter.

The kid has done the work, at least as well as a 12 year-old can, which is wicked better than I could've at 12. Nobody hated running back then more than I did.

But for the last 9 weeks, she's been solid about running with the school club twice per week and running with me once on the weekends. In all that time, she missed one week. Not too shabby, I'd say.

Don't know if she's in 30:00 shape - our training points to more like a 32. However, I've noticed that kids seem to have the ability to shine a bit more when the spotlight's on. Plus, I'll be right beside her, distilling the handy Garmin data. She wants me to put her at 30:00 pace and see how long she can hold it. And chances are, she just might.

In other news, I desperately need a pair of new shoes, which is an odd thing for me to say becuase I typically spoil myself with new shoes as soon as I'm nearly through the outsole, which for me is about 240 miles. But the thing is - the new Asics Nimbus X is due out any freakin' day now and I want it want it want it. I don't want the old ones, even though I've had three pair and love them love them love them. I've been waiting for nearly a month and have passed the 300 mile point with this pair, which has caused a bit more soreness than I'd like. I'm trying to compensate by doing some trail runs this week (though, truth be told, I really need trail shoes, too), but I can't wait for someone - anyone! - to get those Nimbus X's in.

The closest local store is like a "premiere" Asics store and told me they'd have them two weeks early, but I found out today they pushed back their order to May 1 because they have too many IX's in stock. Booo! So I'm going to call my other fav. store tomorrow. After that, I'm watching the net, baby. I need me some Nimbuses. Nimbi?

And in other news, I watched Kristin Armstrong interview ex-husband Lance about running Boston. Watching exes chat about running was a bit odd, I must say. I kept waiting for them to fight. Or kiss. Or do whatever ex-husbands and wives do whilst interviewing each other.


  1. That's really sweet that you're going to run with your daughter. Me? I'd leave mine in the dust. Forget that, she'll be smokin my butt in no time, better get the wins in while I can! LMAO I'm kidding! But I hope she makes her goal ;D

  2. I'm with you on buying new shoes. The first signs of weird unexplained pains and I buy a new pair. Been using the Hurricane by Saucony since the beginning!


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