Worked Out...

Ripped through my lunch-time 10k at a 7:51 clip today -- the fastest I've done this particular course, though the course had to be somewhat modified because one of the roads is under two feet of water (!). The part that had me most pleased about the workout, though, was that I'm coming off runs the previous two days and a decent ride last night - so this is a sign that I'm getting stronger. It's also been a relatively injury-free month, with aches and pains at the bare minimum.
I'm also at the point where I'm done trying to lose weight.

When I started running last summer, I knew I wanted to lose five pounds but didn't really plan on it. If you run, you lose weight. Then after I lost those five pounds, I read that while I was at the ideal weight for a man my size, I still wasn't at the ideal weight for a distance runner my size, so I kept the food in check with the new goal weight in mind. I've hit it, so now I need to figure out how to eat more so I don't lose more but not so much I gain anything.

And in other news, nearly one year ago I posted about a former employer of mine making a dramatic shift in positioning. Both myself and others felt this shift could be deadly, and only argued about how long it would take for the wheels to come off. According to my sources, the answer is... about a year. The company is in a very dire situation simply because they forgot who they were and what they stood for. I understand they've made some radical changes in the past few weeks to keep the boat afloat, but they've taken on a lot of water already. Time will tell.


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