New Shoes - New Computer - Same Attitude...

Typing this blog entry on a Mac(!). My PC at work bit the dust and since I like to think of myself as relatively ambidextrous when it comes to computers, I accepted a recently retired G4. While I'm relearning those silly Mac rules, the darn thing is pretty cute and we're getting along well so far... This could end the first time I try to modify a magazine advertisement created on the PC (!), so stay tuned.

I didn't need new running shoes, but when the Sports Authority puts the recently discontinued Asics Kayano XII's on sale for 67 bucks, what's a guy to do? These are $135 kicks, mind you, and sale price rarely go lower than 90.... Because I tend to wear out shoes in 2-3 months, I usually buy cheaper ones, but how could I say no to that good deal? So I'm going to rotate them with my other shoes, since I bought them less than a month ago, too.

Bonus news? I wasn't planning on running today, but with new shoes, how can I say no? Short 4 miles planned with one of my bosses over lunch followed by a bike ride tonight.


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