Oh Blogger, Where Art Thou?

What's with the radio silence on the blog, you ask? Well, a couple reasons:

1.) Summer, in general: Internet traffic dips in the summer. Since this blog tends to be the best info. I've found online, there's less of it to find.

2.) Summer, in specific: Last week was a glorious week at the beach. I came back feeling tanned, rested and ready - uh, until I opened up the 400 e-mails I hadn't gotten to.

3.) There's a new love in my life. Yes, believe it or not, I'm back on the exercise wagon. Here's the least you need to know about that: I was a long distance runner in high school and college. I wasn't great, but I was one of the best ones to finish after the great ones did. No, I wasn't the worst of the best, but I was one of the best of the ok crowd. Then, mid-way through a training run in college, four miles from the campus, I stopped running and walked home. Four years before Forrest Gump did the same thing, mind you.

In the fifteen years since then, I've tried three or four times to get back in the sport, but have always failed. I think the reason for this has been that I always tried to go back to pounding the road every day, which my aging knees really weren't interested in doing. This time around, however, I've been a fanatical cross-trainer, mostly swimming on days between running. In the past five weeks, I've yet to run two days in a row.

Five weeks ago, on my first run, I did two miles at a 9:30 pace and nearly saw God. I also swam 500 meters in 16 minutes and though that was easiler, I think I saw an angel. Now, I'm running five miles at a 9:30 pace easy or at an 8:15 pace not so easily and am swimming 1000 meters in under 28 minutes.

I have goals and I have plans, though I don't know if this is the blog for them. I believe in blog focus and a Marketing blog probably isn't the place for my cross-training numbers. Then again, this is my blog, so I suppose it could be about Chinese wicker baskets if I want it to be.


  1. Hey getting right back into it at 9:30 is nothing to shake a stick at!

    Glad you had a nice vacation.

  2. I’m glad you blogged this, despite the regular marketing topic. Because there are a lot of us out there, on our asses, who dream of doing what you pushed yourself to do. And when the winter finishes, I might just want to follow your example.

  3. Anonymous4:28 PM

    I am proud of you. :O)
    (yer wife)


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