A Confession

A great surprise showed up on my door-step yesterday: my own autographed copy of Secret Confessions of the Applewood PTA, by Ellen Meister.

You'll find my name in the Acknowledgments section of the book (woo-hoo!), assuming you're the type of person who reads the Acknowledgments. Ellen and I traded ms edits a few years back. Obviously I'm a better much better editor than Ellen because her book got mentioned on Leno last week and my book is... is.... frankly, I'm not even sure where you'd find a copy of it these days. Certainly not in stores. Perhaps on the hard-drive of the computer I wrote it on, which I believe is at a landfill near you!

But if you like chick-lit or mommy-lit or minivan-lit or whatever else they call it these days, buy a copy. You won't be disappointed.


  1. Glad you got the book, Marcus! I sent George Clooney an autographed copy on the same day I sent yours, but I have yet to hear from him.

  2. I smiled to see your name in the Acknowledgements too. Picked it up from my local B & N... not even mail order.

    Good to read you again, and wtg on the running!


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