Diabetes Blog Week - Post 1 - I Can

So after nearly a year of not blogging, here I go committing to a week of posts for Diabetes Blog Week. A short disclaimer: I've actually been writing and posting a lot. Sometimes at LinkedIn. Sometimes on corporate blogs. But not here so much for the past year. Until this week. So pull up a chair and let's get to it.

Today's post topic is "I Can," and is supposed to talk about what I've done despite diabetes or other positive aspects T1 has brought to my life.

You might say I completed a hundred mile race "despite diabetes." I say that running ultramarathons requires an intimate knowledge of fueling, particularly carbohydrate fueling. Diabetes taught me to do that.

You might say I'm a relatively disciplined person "despite diabetes." I say diabetes was the first thing that taught me that discipline and consistency are some of the best ways to stay on top of diabetes, and these habits will flow over to other aspects of your life.

You might say I'm a generous person "despite diabetes." I say that coaching at Diabetes Training Camp is a parlor trick. I look like I'm giving up my time, experience and knowledge, but I get all of that back - and more - in spades. Generous? I feel like I'm stealing from them.

And most recently, you might say that I've managed to have a healthy professional career "despite diabetes." I say that my three decades of living with the disease was what first attracted me to come on board with Aspire Ventures, and their diabetes portfolio company, Tempo Health.

Those are just the first thoughts that come to mind. From friendships to speaking opportunities and more, I have a lot of things "despite diabetes." But the reality is that when I look myself in the mirror, there's no denying the truth. Much of what I've achieved hasn't been despite diabetes, but because of it.


  1. This was a really nice read, thanks for sharing your positive attitude!

  2. Anonymous8:19 PM

    Awesome Marcus. A true diabetes ambassador. TK


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