Diabetes Blog Week - Day 4 - Changes

Today's topic: changes I want for diabetes.

Great topic, as it gets to the heart of my interest in coming to Aspire Ventures and doing work for Tempo Health.

To be clear, I don't need another diabetes app that allows me to log my stuff, even though we're building one. I don't need another place to put old news, and I really don't need another place to put data that's already been logged someplace else.

What I want and what I need is insight. I need something that can comb through my data and find the trends that will lead me, and others, to better control. While my relationship with my endo is good, giving them spreadsheets of data and watching them scan over it in a short appointment tells me that they need this information, too.

What we're attempting to do at Tempo Health is just that; focusing on turning all of that data into something that informs the patient and their caregiver about what matters inside of that data. From insights, there becomes a short jump to predictive analytics.

For example, if you know my blood sugar tends to run 10% higher on the third day of an infusion set being in, the insights can recommend higher basal rates or changing infusion sets a day sooner.

Or if you can determine my average rate of fall during aerobic exercise, the insights can offer tailored fueling and basal strategies for workouts.

We've been putting our data in a lot of places for a long time. It's time we got something back for it.

Along the way, the product has to provide everything needed so that the data is consistently uploaded into it. Predictive analytics. Artificial intelligence. These are all very real things, but they are fueled by data, so getting the data into the machine is a critical piece of the puzzle.


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