Coming for ya, Cleveland! Sort of.

So the Cleveland Marathon is this weekend, and I am... well truth is, I don't really know how I am.

Since getting baked in Boston, I pretty much got back on the training horse, including some speed work and 3 weeks in a row with long runs of 18-20 miles. But even so, I'd be lying if I didn't admit that my legs still don't have the pop they had a month ago. I'd planned to peak for Boston, and well, there's a good chance I did. Unfortunately, I may have peaked on a day with record high temps.

The good news? I'm still fit. Heck, I'm on pace to run 190+ miles this month, and it's been a taper month. The chances that I won't at least run a 3:20 marathon are fairly slim. That said, what I'd like to do is run a sub 3:17:30, and at least get a PR out of this build.

Given my blah-ness, I have decided to approach this race a bit different. I'm not going after a 3:10, though I truly think I was in that kind of shape a month ago. Instead, I'm going out nice and easy at 7:25 pace and aiming for the 3:15. If it's a good day, I could PR. And if it's a bad day, well the inevitable crash won't be so ugly.

At any rate, it will be a nice weekend, rooming with a TT1 athlete-extraordinaire Ben Semeyn. Ben's only running the half, but is considering circling back out to bring me home from the full, when I'll likely be on fumes! And the day after the race, we'll be doing some advocacy with SANOFI, which is always a blessing. The people we meet won't care if I ran a 3:15 or a 4:15; they'll just want to hear stories of people not being held back by diabetes. And on that, I can definitely deliver.


  1. Good Luck to You! Enjoy the race!


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