This Is Awesome

So I'm excited to be a keynote speaker next month at a joint event by the JDRF and the Childrens' Hospital of Philadelphia. I got a small taste of what CHOP is about when I spoke at a parent support group last month and am very much looking forward to going back. But if you're a diabetic, I could use your help:

In my presentation, I'm going to talk about aspects of diabetes that are awesome. At first blush, that's an odd topic, I know. It's counter-intuitive to how most people think. Terms have a way of defining themselves. When you hear about a lottery winner, you automatically fixate on the positives. And when you hear about a disease, the mind usually races to the negatives. But I've often said if I could register to vote as a contrarian, I would, and that's what I'm doing for this presentation: speaking about the positive aspects of diabetes. And you can help!

I've posted the question, "What's the most awesome thing about being diabetic?" over at If you're not familiar with this service, it allows people to post questions and to collect video responses, which means if you have a computer with a webcam, you could probably knock out an answer to me in less time than you can write one. So do that!

Feel free to introduce yourself in the video. Or not. It's really up to you, so long as you answer the question. So go on over to the question and tell me: "What the most awesome thing about being diabetic?"


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