The Importance of Calibration

So I attended a diabetes fair at Hershey Med last weekend, which was fun. I wore my Team Type 1 jacket, which caused virtually everyone who saw me to say, "You must be a cyclist!" to which I had to correct them about what all Team Type 1 has going on.

It was also fun to watch the vendors bad mouth each other -- as a marketing guy who constantly does battle w/ my competition, it was awesome to see a battle where I'm the prize (via my insurance company), rather than the soldier in the fight!

I also spent some time with my Medtronic rep, who hooked me up with their CGM several months ago. As always, I said my CGM was good but not great, and he kept banging on me about calibrating only when I'm stable. Though I've heard that many times, on the way home I thought a lot about that and how good I am about making sure I am stable when I calibrate, and truth is: I can do better. I enter a lot of BG's when I'm not stable, and then end up cursing the CGM hours later when it's way off. Truth is, I can do a lot better.

I've been on a new sensor for 48 hours, now, and made sure to calibrate when things were very calm. Moreover, my calibrations since them have also been in calm periods. The result? Extremely trustworthy numbers. Don't discount the importance of calibration.

And speaking of numbers, I went for my A1C and a slew of other tests last Friday. My prediction before it comes? 6.4 Stay tuned to see how I did!


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