Moving Forward...

I really don't blog much these days, so hopefully you've been finding some good things to read.

As I hinted a few weeks ago, I've climbed out of my post-marathon-blow-up and yesterday, started training for my 4th marathon, which isn't until the middle of May.

So how does someone go from saying they're done with the marathon to beginning a 26-ish week plan for one? Welll.... a few things happened.

1) I'm stubborn and stupid. If you're a runner, you know that's a big part of it. Don't discount it.
2) I'm not a bad runner. I just ran a particularly crappy race. In the month following the marathon, I had a 5k PR and a near half-marathon PR. Those short races helped me believe that while my marathon hadn't gone well, I'm not that old or fat, yet. This weekend, I'm going after a 5 mile PR, and I frankly like my chances.
3) An offer I couldn't refuse. After my last marathon, Missy Foy reached out to me, and offered help in getting over the Boston hurdle. While I would've jumped at the opportunity if Missy WASN'T diabetic, the fact that she is made it the absolutely, positively, no way I'm going to say no opportunity that it is.
4) Realization that I have plenty of things to try. My last plan had no speed work, cross training or core work. I'm ok giving up if I've done everything I could, but I haven't. Not yet, anyway.

And so here we are. I started with a 7 miler yesterday, including 3 miles fifteen seconds faster than marathon pace. It's a long way and a long winter until May. But I'm ready.

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