Boardwalk Running Analyzed


While at the beach last week, I enjoyed 4 of my 5 runs on the boardwalk. I use the word "enjoy" somewhat loosely, though I was certainly entertained.

To the buff guy who raced me for a mile at 6:30 pace, only to suddenly stop and call it a day while I still had 3 miles left, I say, thanks for the company.

To the kid on the bike who drove like he needed a breathalyzer test, I say move it over.

And to the girl who ran every day in a bikini and loafers, I wonder: were you Jenn Shelton? I'm pretty sure you were but couldn't think of a way to ask without sounding creepy.


  1. Anonymous9:14 AM

    I would say that's fairly accurate, although I've never had the opportunity to clock a thief.

  2. You missed those family tandem trolly car-like bike contraptions. Grown-ups riding those big wheel style bikes are always good for a chuckle, too.

  3. I really liked your article.


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