World's Worst Morning Runner

If running were only allowed to be done in the morning, I would not be a runner.

There, I said it.

Not only that, but I'm incredibly jealous of those you who bop out of bed at 5am (or earlier!). How do you do that?? When do you sleep??

Here's my deal: I'm mostly a lunchtime runner, thanks to shower facilities at my employer. The only time I get out of bed to run early is on the weekend. Most weekends, that's only one day and on that one day, I find it crazy crazy difficult to do. The creativity of the groggy whining in my head at 7am on Saturday surprises even me.

Today, however, I had a client coming to the office around lunchtime. Tomorrow, I have a morning long run planned. Running after work would mean barely 12 hours between two hard workouts, which meant: a morning run for me today, too.

I should also mention that while walking the dog PRIOR to my run at 7am, my neighbor drove by on the way home from his 5:30am run, playing loud music and waving frantically. God, morning people tick me off.

By 7:15, I was on the trail and at 8:30 I was done, with another marathon pace workout in the can. But I didn't like. Not one bit.

That being said, this was the exact run on my last marathon build where I realized I was injured and right now, my shins are feeling great, even at 6am. It's just the rest of me that wanted to be in bed.


  1. I totally agree - I would not be a runner if it had to be done in the morning. I prefer staying in bed and making sure I get my 8 hours of beauty sleep each night.

  2. the thing I enjoy about morning running is having less traffic and more peace & quiet. It doesn't mean I actually like getting out of bed. I think you just have to get used to it and you really do have to go to bed earlier. Also, I enjoy the satisfaction throughout the day, knowing I have started off things on the right foot, so to speak...

  3. I don't run in the morning - but certainly not at lunch either. How do you do THAT?? The evening is the only time I can relax and sweat buckets.


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