Naked in the New Nike Free

I'm currently rotating three pairs of shoes: Asics Hyperspeed II racing flats, Asics DS Trainers and the Nike Lunar Trainers. I've been totally out of my orthotics for nine months now.

Shin-wise, I'm in a good place. Haven't been injured in a few months, which I chalk up to rotating shoes and keeping the miles fairly slow.

That being said, I didn't really want to buy the Lunar Trainers, but I needed a new pair of shoes a few months ago, and the New Nike Free wasn't out yet. It is, now, and I can't wait to need a pair.

That being said, I might train differently in them than the crew in this hilarious Nike spot:


  1. that is hilarious. thanks, I needed a laugh.

  2. I agree with Anne...that is really funny.

  3. I'm loving both the Nike Free 3.0 and the LunaRacers - it's amazing what a difference a shoe can make. They make my old trainers feel like bricks.


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