On Diabetic Athletes...

The Triabetics were at camp last week. This group seems like a lot of fun, though I have little interest in hopping in the pool or on the bike at present. Running running running seems to be working the best for me right now. At any rate, one of the non's (non-diabetic counselor) wrote a good story about the experience. Check it out here.

If doing an Ironman is a little insane, here's something that's off the charts insane. I received an e-mail last week about Søren Lilleøre, a Danish man with type 1 diabetes who is competing in the Marathon Des Sables - a six day ultra-marathon across the Sahara Desert, which sound a little warm. At any rate, the race was supposed to start yesterday, but massive storm delayed it until today. You can keep up at Søren's website.

And finally, regarding this diabetic athlete, I'm looking forward to Friday, when I switch endocrinologists about nearly ten years. I'd chosen my current group out of sheer laziness -- the office is located a half mile from my house. For the first five years, I saw the head doctor - a pleasant enough fellow who happens to be an overweight Type II diabetic. 99% of the time, I'm not judgmental about someone's weight, but when that someone spends 90% of their time telling Type II's diabetics to lose weight.... well, you get my point.

Five years ago, I switched to a young female doc at the same practice and things started to take a turn for the better. She was more up on the technology and I was glad she was my Doc during my thyroid cancer scare. But soon after that, she quit private practice to work in a lab.

Since then, I've bounced around the practice, never feeling as if anyone I've seen was interested in cutting edge breakthroughs, like CGM.

About six months ago, I realized how much I was missing when my co-worker's wife (whose is on MY insurance) got CGM approval from a group with a much better reputation for not just tolerating diabetes, but attacking it.

While this group is a half hour drive from home, the reality is I only see my endo two-three times per year, so it's not a big deal. After waiting four months my appt., the big day is Friday, and I'm looking forward to it. Definitely hoping to get on CGM in the near future, at least for my marathon training.


  1. good luck with your new endo! It can make all the difference in my motivation to be able to connect with a good doc. Also thanks for the shout-out! We should get together a rock-star triathlon relay team and you can be our runner!

    Besides being warm, can you imagine all the sand you'd get in your shoes, running through the desert for 6 days?? That is totally crazy and amazing.


  2. You are gonna love the CGMS. I totally advise it. The trending data has been critical for me at times. I haven't always been able to feel fluxuations in my BG's, but with the trending data from the CG, man it's a cinch and much safer.


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