Another Unfriendly Google Post...

In other words, a post that's about so many things, it's about nothing.

1) For the first time in a long time, I'm sick... slight fever, head stuffy sick. I would've taken the day off but I had a conference call an hour ago. However, I will be going home this afternoon and crawling under eight blankets in the darkened basement.

I am a remarkably healthy person - coming down with stuff once every year or two, partially due to the fact that I am a Zicam freak. However, this bug was un-Zicam-able and I'm on the ropes. And the problem - I think - with being a healthy person is that when you get something, you've forgotten how bad sick can be.

2) Before all of this, running-wise I was hanging on splendidly. In fact, just 24 hours ago I ran 17 miles @ 7:57 pace, and 24 hours before that did another 8 @ 7:47 pace.

3) In last week's Run4Luck, I beat my PR by 45 seconds, giving myself a VDOT of nearly 52, my highest in years, so I'm in good shape.

4) In shape for what? A little shin pain several weeks ago caused me to back off my training. While I probably could put together a good BQ shot @ Wilmington, I'm opting for the Bob Potts Heritage trail marathon. It's a rail-to-trail course, flat as a pancake. Two weeks later in the spring, which could be a problem weather-wise, but oh well.

5) I cured the shin (mostly) by backing off on speed work and returning to racing flats. I'm wearing Asics Hyper-Speed for all of my runs and that's working much better.

6) Still a big fan of Hammer products. Switching to them has helped a lot. Also a big fan of Zensah compression sleeves on the legs after the big runs. They're good, too.

7) Along the idea of products, I recently received a Tech 4O watch to try. It's cheaper than a Garmin, because it uses pedometer technology rather than a GPS. I had one run with it, which went fairly well. However, I'm trying to tweak the settings and am having a bear of a time figuring it out. That being said, I've been in a massive time crunch of late and don't want to blame the device - yet... For now, let's just say that the Tech 4O is a cheaper way to measure your distances than the Garmin, though it's probably not as accurate or as intuitive. But hey, yo, we ARE in a recession. But seriously, I intend to test this sucker out more, because I think there is a market for it.

That's all - I need more meds now.


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