What was I saying? Oh yeah...

When last we left this blog, I was desperately trying to get my act together for a long holiday break. And now, here I am, on the 7th day of my 12 day winterfest. So where are we? In no particular order...

* This holiday break was supposed to be a little hectic, with upstairs bedroom and bathroom floors getting re-done. Alas, we lost the "little" when - one hour before we were supposed to go to Christmas Eve service - our gas alarm went off again. The results? a. a later church service. b. a condemned gas furnace c. double the contractors I expected to have trouncing through my house d. more than double the money I expected to spend this holiday season. As I write this, the last contractor has just left (finally).

* The day before Christmas, one of my personal e-mail accounts got hacked. That was a joy, both for me and the 3,000 people who think I've lost the ability to spell and like to visit websites selling Chinese merchandise. If you got the e-mail - my apologies.

* Operation Vibram continues, though diminished. I'm not using my orthotics, but it's too cold to be doing much in the Vibrams. I am, however, doing a fair amount of running in my Nike Frees, too.

* That being said, "fair amount of running" is all I've managed to accomplish, due to said contractors. Mainly, I've been out every other day, though I did skip the previous two days, which is something I haven't done in a while. To make up for it, I did a mini-interval workout last week and had a good 13 miler over the weekend. So I'm maintaining, but nothing more.

* Speaking of last weekend, we had a small earthquake. The weird part? On my 13 miler the next day, I decided to get "creative" on my run, which really isn't a good idea when the fog's as thick as pea soup. I came to one intersection and ran down and back each road before I finally got my sense of direction. The next day, the same intersection was in the paper as being the epicenter of the quake.... hmmm.. earthquakes... faulty compasses????

* Also on that run, I used HEED from Hammer. As I've blogged about before, Hammer Nutrition kind of markets themselves to diabetic athletes. Though my energy level was crap on the long run, my blood sugar was 97 at the start and 105 at the finish. Not too shabby, I'd say.

* Before we knew we'd be broke for the holidays, the wife and I bought each other a treadmill for Christmas. It's serving it's purpose, if by "purpose" I mean making time stand still when we're on it. I've never been a fan of them and won't start now, but it gives me an option for days when the weather's too horrible or I want to bang out a run without thinking about it.

* And finally, I've made some diabetic changes. My wife and I are both blessed with very good health insurance through our jobs. Previously, though, I'd been on hers' because it was a smidge cheaper. However, my co-worker's diabetic wife just got approved for the CGM with our insurance. So, I'm switching insurances and even switching doctors to the same one as my co-worker's wife. Though it'll mean a longer drive, it's not like you go to see your endo that often. Being a typical endo, I can't get in until early April, but that's my plan to get on CGM sometime in 09 (without paying for it).

Aside from all the me-me-me, the family's having a great holiday break... the boy's hands are either on legos or the Wii and my daughter hasn't put down her new cell phone since Christmas morning. Though we are notorious sleeper-inners, the contractapalooza at the house hasn't helped us perfect that move this holiday season. Thankfully, though, we have five days left.


  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    Hey, Marcus. I received one of those hacker e-mails from you. I was excited because I hadn't heard from you in forever and then I opened it and you were tring to sell me something. Geez.



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