Five Miles in Detroit...

I got into Detroit last night at midnight. Now, it's six pm, and I'm back in the Detroit airport, ready to fly home. That's how I roll -- well, except for the two hour delay part. That's how US-friggin'-Air rolls.

Even though I got to sleep around one, the alarm went off at 7:30 because - well, I have no good reason, other than that runners run. And also, one of the things I do love about being a runner and being a sometime business traveler is that it's a great way to see the city, assuming the city is worth seeing.

Where I was staying was actually in a suburb of Detroit. I was there for a longish meeting, but knew if I dragged my butt out of bed I could see some Detroitish roads before the meeting.

Looking out the hotel window, I realized it was cold and wet and miserable. Colder, wetter and more miserable than I'm used to on Dec. 1. I briefly considered going back to bed. Also briefly, I thought about running on the treadmill in the sterile hotel workout room.. but that really seemed to defeat the purpose. I didn't get out of bed to run, but rather to run on roads I never had before. And it was THAT curiosity that pushed me through five pretty solid, mighty yucky miles.

I've been to Detroit enough to know that this run wouldn't crack my top fifty list - probably not even my top 250 list. But it did show me some streets I'd never seen in a city I've rarely been. And that - for sure - was worth something.


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