Various and What-not...

Because my life is spinning quite quickly now, I'll just give a random list of observations...

1) This is my final peak week of marathon training, culminating with my fifth 20 miler this weekend. (Goal pace: 7:45)

2) However, this week all of the "out of towners" are in town for a week's worth of meetings and dinners. I need to fit 4 runs over all day meetings and 2 dinners this week. Hmmm...

3) I've set my goal for the Harrisburg Marathon: 3:11 - 7:18 pace. This would be a seven minute improvement from last year and five minutes under what I need for Boston. Also, it puts me within shouting distance of 3:10 if I'm feeling spunky at mile 20.

4) I doubt I'll feel spunky at mile 20.

5) While I thought I had my blood sugar plan in place, I ran too low during last week's 15 miler (7:35 pace), which means I'm still not done tweaking, which is a bit of problem since I'm almost done training.

6) I wish Harrisburg weren't so late in the season. I'm jealous of all the bloggers who've already faced their demons.

7) One month ago, I only knew the whereabouts of one other of my 1988 high school cross country team top 5. Thanks to the miracle of Facebook, I've located all but one of them, which could make for an interesting alumni meet next year.

8) I've become a compression sock freak... so much so that I've had a blog draft about it in the hopper for days. But it's not getting finished today, either. :)


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