Knoebels Lumber 5k Race Report...

Disrupting a marathon plan for a 5k isn't really a brilliant idea. But I was curious to see how I'd do in the same race I did last year, when I ran 20:11, mostly rested, though a week after a 1/2M.

This time around, I was 5 days removed from a 1 mile time trial, and 48 hours removed from a 20 mile run. So, I was far from rested, and this course is far from flat.

In the end, I was pleased. I finished with a 19:52, 12th out of 140 overall, and I repeated as the 35-39 AG winner. I figure, fully rested with a good course, I should be around 19:25 or so. Even 19:52 was only 5 seconds off my 5k PR.

This also means the tune-ups are over until the marathon. I've got four more weekend runs of 15, 20, 13 and 9 miles, and this weekend's 15 will be @ 7:40 pace. It's time for the final grind. :)


  1. Congratulations! As long as you don't get injured, I don't see anything wrong with breaking up the monotony of marathon training with a nice 5k. AG winners are always welcome!

  2. Congrats on a great time and an AG medal. I'm sure there's no harm done. Just try not to get too excited and keep applying more stress. It's probably a good time to rest a little.

  3. Anonymous9:14 AM

    Good luck with the taper, and good luck at Harrisburg!



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