Like I Need an Excuse to Run...

Jamie from the Diabetic Runner has posted a new challenge for diabetic, uh, runners. Run 500 or 1000 miles in '08. Sounds like a good deal to me. Click here to learn more.

Actually, I like this idea. I've been kind of jealous of Anne and the other diabetic triathletes over at Triabetes. They're active and organized and they have cool shirts (which I'm gonna buy as soon as I take the time and fill out the form!).

Alas, I like running more than I like training for three sports (plus, I really suck at two of them), so Jamie's cause is more closely aligned with my own interests (and abilities).

And while I'm rambling, I was watching Little People Big World and saw Matt get diagnosed with diabetes (Type 2). There seemed to be the usual amount of panic, exaggeration and ultimately - ignorance - afforded to the affliction as is common when the disease is shrunken down to the tv. They toss out the risks and complications but then when the person doesn't keel over immediately, they ignore the disease from then on out (until something really bad happens). Course, that might not be TV. It could be society.

Then again, while the following episode didn't even address Matt's diabetes, we saw the dude get a pool installed in one week. Truth be told, it's a lot more fun to watch him manage contractors than his blood sugar.


  1. hey thanks for the advice!!! I'm going to check that out (and try to figure it out, too!). I need the data imported...i think i might have a slight panic attack if I lose everything...sounds like a good project for next week! :-D Happy holidays!


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