Or is it "Hookie?" I dunno. Whichever, I did it yesterday.

Most weekends, I plan on resting on Saturday and getting up early on Sunday. This weekend, I thought I'd go eight and start getting ready for my new marathon plan, which I'm starting for a month.

Problem was, I had a hunch that one day of sleeping in wasn't enough for me and I didn't even set the alarm early on Sunday.... told myself I'd go out later in the day if I had time, but with two kids, holiday shopping, etc.... it never happened. As late as seven last night, I thought about going out. Then I double-checked my Fitzgerald plan and saw that the first weekend in January calls for a ten mile run and the total weekly mileage will be about where I am now... in other words, I had no good reason to go out for a long run more than a month before I start my marathon plan. So I didn't. Ripped through some push-ups and sit-ups and called it a night.

Back on the wagon today, though. Nearly six miles over lunch @ 7:38 pace in a wicked wind that pushed me half-way and held me back the other half.

I'm in a weird place now - bothered that I'm not on a plan but in way better shape than where the 24 week plans would have me... there's nothing good that can come over pushing hard now, other than an early peak, which I certainly don't want.

Proper training rationale or simple excuse making? The choice, dear reader, is yours'.


  1. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Wikipedia says it's either:


    Both links redirect to Truancy.

  2. Marcus, I saw your blog on Zanne's. I see you are a diabetic. I have a friend who also is diabetic and does Ironman races all the time. It took a while for him to get his nutrition down, but he has successfully done races every year before and since learning of his disease. So it can be done! You are doing fantastic with your distance and speed. Maybe you could "join" us for a virtual "8 on the 8th" race on December 8?


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