"Does This Garmin Make Me Look Fat?" & Other Questions

Runner's World says not to look at your watch when you're crossing the line. I didn't. I waited four steps. Unfortunately, so did the photographer.

Actually, there was one good pic from the Harrisburg pic I might buy if the vanity budget allows, but I'm waiting for the pic guys to finish uploading all of them.

I've been a bad blogger, but that's mostly 'cuz I've been such a rockstar at life the past few weeks... Well, except for the part where the rockstars party and sign autographs.

But to recap:
* Work has been insane. Big show next week. Big rebranding all month. Ten days from now, life returns to a manageable level of insanity.
* Kids settled into school. Wife settled into new job. Everything sane there - except kids start swim team tomorrow night. Commence unsettling (again).
* Marathon training going very well. I've pretty much made my own training program - using the harder long runs from the FIRST program, and the somewhat easier interval workouts from Fitzgerald's BRAIN TRAINING program... Expect a formal review of Fitzgerald's book in two weeks or so. But it's all having a good effect. I did my 3rd (of five) 20 milers yesterday. According to the MotionBased link, I averaged 7:47 miles. According to my Garmin software, I averaged 7:49, which tells me why Nate favors MotionBased ;) .

But seriously, 7:49 is getting within a stone's throw of 7:28, so we'll see. No reason to pitch the dream just yet.

This week is somewhat shorter, as my long run has to be Saturday, due to a biz trip starting Saturday night... In light of that, I'll likely ride the bike tomorrow, do a base run Wed. and Tempo Thursday. Saturday's long run, I'm planning only 13-15, at a forced slower pace of 8:15 or so.... which take me into a taper week before my final Half Marathon. So the taper week will coincide with an easy week after two relatively hard weeks. At least, that's the plan.
*And finally, at work we're doing a WalkingWorks thing with pedometers... the goal is 10k steps per day, but you get credit for exercise, too. Two things to note: last week I did a total of 149,000 steps.... double what is healthy. However, 2/3 of that came from exercise. Turns out when I'm not exercising, I'm basically a stone.

There, now you're up to speed.


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