And Crunch Time Endeth....

Funny thing happens when you're a bad blogger... you write a post about hitting crunch time. Two weeks later, you're writing a post about your taper. In between, mostly radio silence.

But all is good... Had a great nine mile run at an 8:00/clip last Friday, with a seven mile run at the same pace yesterday. In between, I had what I think was a good workout on the bike but since it's still on the trainer, who the hell knows how fast I'm really going.

At any rate, even though my race is only a sprint tri., I've pretty much decided it's a *key* race for me, so I'm pulling a mini taper going into it, dropping 1 bike workout each of the next two weeks and cutting down on one of my runs next week. Unless something miraculous happens, I'm going to race my butt off on this one and put together a great running program for the summer, culminating in what I hope will be a sub- 3:30 marathon in the fall. As always - all of this is subject to change.

But I feel relatively good going into the tri - running's awesome... not sure where I am biking-wise, but I've hammered the trainer for the past three months, so it is where it is. Swimming - well, I'll probably screw up the swim and my workouts aren't quite where I'd like them to be, but I'm not off by a lot and who knows what'll happen when we all hit the pool so whatever -- bring it on! My goal in doing this was to finish top half in my age-group and I think I'll be close to that goal. If I can do better, awesome. If I don't, well then it makes sense for me to be a runner then, doesn't it?


  1. Yeah! Can't believe it's so close! I've decided to be a volunteer for this one (long story, but mainly need to buy sixty tri-related items in the next month so saving the entrance fee for handlebars!) -- so I'll be there with bells on!!

    We're going to have to coordinate actually meeting this time, but enjoy your taper until then. And don't worry about the swim -- com''s only 300! You've got that in the bag, no doubt.


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