I'll Start the Bidding at Zilch

Do I know when to jump off a sinking ship or what?

Less than 1 week after I move all of my newsletters from the uber-buggy Zookoda to the very orange but very effective FeedBlitz, the Australians have thrown in the towel, offering Zookoda up for sale.

Here's some comments from Zookoda's announcement, along with my own commentary:

"Over 5200 blog publishers have adopted Zookoda as their blog marketing tool..."

Yeah, but how many of us have left? Moreover, FeedBlitz claims to have more than 65,000 active feeds. Conclusion: Zookoda never really got that big.

"A Zookoda user has the right to add or delete their mailing lists from the system at any time."

While they may have the right, Zookoda appears to have turned off this feature (probably to try and hold onto the data from folks like me who are trying to leave), thus bolstering the appearance of a robust operation.

"As such - NOTHING WILL CHANGE for at least a couple of months. During this process we will continue to communicate with you via email and here at the Zookoda blog."

Actually, any communication from Zookoda would be a rather dramatic change.

These guys managed to wrestle defeat from the jaws of victory.


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