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For the past few weeks, I've been pushing a few commercial e-mail newsletters based on RSS feeds out via Zookoda, a nifty little service that I've been pretty impressed with. At least, until yesterday.

Yesterday, I attempted to upload an opt-in list of 860 names or so and got an error message that my list couldn't hold that many (There were only 130 or so in the list at the time.).

Now while I understand that spam is a dirty word, 1000 names is hardly an unreasonable number. More importantly, this isn't spam, but a list of people who wish to be contacted by my client (he publishes a newsletter).

Most annoying? I've been all over the Zookoda website and if there is a list restriction number, I'm stumped. Can't find it anywhere.

Even more annoying that that? Since my email to Zookoda 18 hours ago, I've heard nothing. Nada.

Light at the end of the tunnel? As of yesterday, I can pretty much do the same thing via Feedburner. While the Feedburner service isn't as robust yet, they're a far bigger company than Zookoda. I expect their functionality will only improve in the coming months. I'm giving Zookoda 24 hours to offer me a solution - after that, I'm off to Feedburner.

This would be a shame - Zookoda does have many, many cool features, but if you can't deliver the mail, the templates and reports are relatively worthless.

UPDATE: Though nobody from Zookoda has gotten back to me, I did find a way to upload a larger number of email addresses into my list. (There's actually two that I'm pretty sure would work, but I stopped after the first one.) I'm not going to publicize it here because I'm as anti-spam as the next guy, but if you're concerned about using Zookoda, this probably shouldn't be a deal-breaker. The fix is simple (once you know it.).


  1. Anonymous4:25 PM

    Hi Markus, Nick from Zookoda here. We apologies for the delay in responding to your support question. As you can imagine with a free service we get a lot of comments, feature requests, usage questions etc. Sometimes it takes us longer than we would like to get to each issue. Glad to see the problem is solved. We're continuing to improve Zookoda and hope you will continue to see the benefits of using us.


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