All Together Now: "Ohmmm."

The day I turned thirty changed my life. I was unemployed, I had no money, and I was struggling every month to come up with $65 to pay the rent on my one-room apartment in the slums of Oakland, California. I took out a sheet of paper and wrote down my “ideal scene” — the best life for myself I could possibly imagine at the time. Then I took out another sheet of paper and listed all the goals I’d need to reach to achieve that ideal scene. Then I listed each goal as an affirmation, as if it was coming into being in the present — “I am now creating a successful company…. I am now writing a successful book…. I am now creating a beautiful album of music…. I am now getting into real estate, and finding a starter house to buy….”

I began each affirmation with the words, “In an easy and relaxed manner, in a healthy and positive way….” And sometimes I’d add the words, “In its own perfect time, for the highest good of all….”

Over the years I came to realize that those four words — easy, relaxed, healthy, and positive — in themselves, when repeated often, overcame a lot of my doubts and fears. “It won’t be easy,” whisper our doubts and fears. “It certainly won’t be relaxed — achieving success is stressful! You’ve got to work really, really hard to succeed,” etc. etc.

I can't decide if this is hocus pocus or brilliance. I might try it for a few months and see for myself.


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