Cutest new product idea of the day...

McElhatton has written "Pretty Little Mistakes," a sprawling, 600-page "Choose Your Own Adventure" book for grownups (styled after the children's series) to be published in March. It all begins on the last day of high school, when the reader must choose whether to go to college or travel. From that choice come other choices, and from those choices again many more choices. From one beginning, there are hundreds of possible endings.

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  1. Anonymous2:21 PM

    Hi! Thanks so much for listing my book as "cutest new idea!" I think that wins cutest comment. Say - I clicked on that link and the star tribune article is gone. Probably just expired on their website. I'm wondering if you had the whole article stashed anywhere? if you did, I'd put it on my website if not - thanks for the plug anyway! I'll let you know when PRETTY LITTLE MISTAKES hits the stands. Cheers and great blog!!

    - Heather

  2. Anonymous4:12 PM

    ah - I actually contacted the reporter who wrote the article and she generously sent me the piece. I archived it here:




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