I was glad to see Coemergence receive this award:

Coemergence Inc., a leader in the development ofknowledge-based software, is pleased that its ACIS(R) solution has beenrecognized by KMWorld Magazine as a 2005 "Trend Setting" product. ACIS allowscompanies to gain a strategic advantage over their competitors by helping toquickly identify and act on industry shifts, patterns and trends that revealemerging opportunities and threats, before they are made public.

That being said, Competitive Intelligence is generally limited by two things: people and technology. Coemergence can only fix one of those.

Read more about their award here.


  1. I'm glad to see you're glad Coemergence got this award :-) Being the Marketing Director for the company, I'm curious to know why you're glad.

    You also said we only solve one part of the equation of human + technology. I'd love for you to understand our solution more as I think we do adress both areas. ACIS has been designed with the human element as an integral part.

    I'd be happy to talk to you. Just email me at info@coemergence.com.


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