First Love

It’s never too late to find love.
I had a dog once, rebooted from a home that
Apparently had no toys.

When we got her, we offered up a buffet of
balls, bones and other expensive forms of
molded rubber and plastic. She ignored them all,
disinterested to find even a moment of bliss
- in any one of them.

She lived this way for quite some time
Seemingly okay with a life without material
- affection.

One day, she came across a cloth mouse
Long since discarded by the cat who now favored
- killing the real thing.

In a single moment, she became something
we’d never seen before. Bringing it everywhere
playfully pawing and chewing it, taking it to bed
searching for it when she entered a room
ignoring her food if it wasn’t beside her and unable
to focus on anything else.

I’d never seen her happier, or stupider.

It only took me a short while to stop enjoying her bliss and
start worrying what she’d do when
- she lost this.

Would she return to her previous mode of gentle comfort with the world?
Would she be
- grateful for the time she had with the mouse?
So obsessed with feeling that way again that she’d ignore her responsibilities,
meager as they are for a dog?

But I don’t think she ever considered any of that. She didn’t just adore that mouse
fiercely she loved it
fearlessly, which is probably the best way
- to love.


  1. Wow! Moving story. I like stories about dogs, as I think that they are the only creatures in the world who love a human being better and stronger than other human being.


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