100 Miler, Hopefully Getting Close

Someone recently asked me if I'd registered for my 100 mile race, yet, and I commented that I was waiting to get through these 3 critical weeks of training. Armed with confidence, I felt, I would be thrilled to enter.

Instead, this past weekend I missed my first scheduled long run since I don't know when, and still entered the race today.

The missed long run was just that. A head cold that came on around Thursday, didn't effect my Thursday or Friday runs, but peaked on Sunday morning when I'd planned to run for 6 hours. I got up after 11 hours of sleep, got dressed to run, got the paper, and went back to sleep for 6 more hours. Got up. Ate breakfast. Slept for 2 more hours.

Yesterday I was off work and slithered through 8 miles, and did another 7 today in the freezing rain. The headcold is going away, but slowly, and in its place is the divot left from a key missed workout.

It's not entirely bad, of course. When I went through a similar build in 2011, I had 3 runs of 30 miles or longer. In this build, I've already had 4 and have room for 2 or 3 more before the build ends. Even writing that makes me feel a lot better than I did, but taking a goose-egg for a workout never sits well with me.

But even so, I did it. I've registered for my first 100 mile race. I'm looking forward to it. Looking forward to toeing the line at a distance well beyond what I've ever done with no idea if I have it in me to complete it. That said, I'll be hoping to be headcold-free, come March 23.


  1. Can't wait to hear all about the race!

  2. Congrats on registering!

    Sorry to hear that your head cold got in the way of your training plan. But I've always said that if diabetes has taught us anything, it's how to roll with the punches. You'll figure out how to make it all work for you. :-)


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