As the Miles Pile Up and The Calendar Flips Over

So with a 30.4 mile run including headwinds of 20mph and windchills in the teens, that pretty much does it for 2012.

Without trying it, I discovered that my total mileage for the year came in around 2,270... just about 10 more than I accomplished in 2011. More immediately, though, the 230.5 for December was my second highest total of the year as well as second highest all-time... all of which is good as I aim for the NJ Ultra Fest in March. And because my long runs were technically 6 days apart, I just wrapped up an 81 mile week, my longest week ever, too.

I still haven't officially signed up for the 100M in NJ. I need to make sure the calendar is clear and the training goes well, and even if it doesn't happen, 2013 is going to be a great year. But still, things are starting to line up that way, with the long runs now officially up to 5 hours with more than 10 weeks to go until race time. If I can confirm that Team Novo Nordisk Training Camp isn't that weekend, I'll be all systems go.

I'm also training myself to get off the gels and onto real food. One of the things I've noticed is that while I can do 50 milers on gels, my gut is pretty trashed by that point, so getting to 100 will likely take real food. My go-to off late is fig newtons, and yesterday's 30 miler included more than 600 calories of them.

The weather made it too cold to test during the run, but my current CGM sensor has been running like a pro and when I tested at the end of run, I was 85.. suhhhweeet!

My shoulder still isn't great, and an MRI is forthcoming, but most signs are pointing toward "frozen shoulder," a strange ailment more common among diabetics for which there is no fast cure. Still, anything that doesn't involve surgery and allows me to run is cause for celebration.

And speaking of which, the year has been worthy of celebration. I've gone 1 day left on a long vacation that's been little more than holiday visits, sleeping in eating well and resting up. Good times, indeed! Happy New Year, everyone!


  1. What a great year for you! I'm looking forward to what 2013 holds, and am excited to watch you grow even more. Here's to hoping the shoulder thing doesn't bother you too much, and that you can get it fixed up without interruptions in your plans.


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