Nearly Go-Time

We are 1 week until the 12 hour Labor Pain Ultra. Man, do I hate the week before a big race.

Of course, calling it a "big race" isn't exactly fair. Truth is, it's the first of 3 ultras on my calendar for the next 6 weeks and my training is structured in such a way that, results-wise, I'm probably not ready to do something awesome this weekend.

Then again, who knows. I've done 3 runs greater than 5 hours so far in this build. Last time before my 50 miler I did 4. So I'm in pretty good shape and have plenty of time before my peak 50 miler on Oct. 13.

But still, confidence is in a bit of short supply right now. I've noticed the paces for my 5 hour runs haven't quite been where they were on my last ultra build. I'm hopeful that it's due to the fact that these have been in August when the last time around was February, when it's easier to maintain a quicker pace. But the truth is, I won't really know for sure until the weather turns cooler.

I remember, however, feeling this way toward the end of my last ultra build; like my legs could move forever but were also very heavy. And I also remember being happy to find myself further up in the pack during the race than I expected to be. One thing that's been true about me is that I DO the mileage required to do well in ultras and I'm hopeful that will pan out for me next week as well. I'd like to get an age group award, which will likely require 60 or so miles. But if not, hey I've got 2 more ultras left in the fall.

But ah, the week before a race is always annoying... pent up energy, pent up worry, pent up everything. Sunday won't get hear soon enough!


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