Ride for HB 1338 Just 2 Days Away!

We're just 2 days away from the big day - more than 80 miles of bicycle riding, coupled with (hopefully) 10 legislative meetings, all in 1 business day.

Below is the map of my journey which begins in Lebanon County with 2 meetings barely 1 mile from each other. From there, I have the biggest leg of the trip (24 miles) over the biggest hill, too, toward Ephrata. From there, it's between 6 and 14 miles to each office.

This past weekend, I tried to navigate a quicker route from Manheim to Columbia, but the there were too many back roads to navigate and I don't want to risk getting lost. Time will be of the essence. Originally I thought it would make sense to trim a mile or 2 here or there, but now I'm more worried about staying on course.

A couple notes:
1) I can't say enough about how accommodating the legislators have all been. All 10 are opening their offices to me, and 5 of the ten meetings are with the actual legislators. They are all also aware of the fact that my schedule will require some flexibility on their part and each one has promised to allow me as much time as possible.

2) Anyone who lives in or around the offices is encouraged to visit at the time I do. The more diabetics, the better. The current itinerary is here: http://bit.ly/lwkpzu

3) I've never ridden by bike this far. Though 80 miles is nothing for hard core cyclists, I am a runner and 63 miles has been my longest ride, so this will be interesting, to say the least.

4) My wife and kids will be tagging along with a support vehicle with fresh water bottles and tires, if needed. 8 hours in a car with 2 kids at 15 miles per hour? If my wife lives, she will be a saint.

5) I've been asked if I get behind, will I load up my bike and drive to the offices, and have decided that the answer is no. I don't think of myself as an advocate. Rather, I think of myself as a diabetic athlete advocating for a cause. As such, completing the ride is what matters. However, if I become so far off my agenda that I'll miss my expected time, we'll call ahead and give the legislator the option of having a phone discussion, because I am sensitive to their time.

6) I'm looking forward to my Speed Advocacy ride and having the opportunity to discuss this important bill with legislators. Very grateful for all the support I've received, both from the American Diabetes Association and Team Type 1.

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