On the Longer Runs...

So the long runs for my upcoming fifty miler are getting, well.... long.

Last weekend was a 4 hour run. For ultra training, I keep the watch running during food breaks and water refills.

While I had a slight desire to knock out a marathon in four hours, it wasn't quite to be for a few reasons:

A. I did a 3.5 hour run just a week ago.
B. It was 8 degrees out with a wind chill close to 0.
C. I'd done 8.5 miles only 18 hours prior

In the end, I managed 25.7 miles in 4 hours. I'd told myself that if I was within .3 of a marathon, I'd knock it out, but a half mile seems kind of far after 4 hours, so that was that.

Nutrition-wise, I had a peanut butter and nutella sandwich every hour, though the last one took me a while to eat. They were pretty frozen in my jacket pocket by the time I got them. I also sipped water and had 2 Endurolyte capsules per hour. I was currently between cgm sensor and my meter was too cold to operate, so I had to go by "feel," diabetes-wise, which worked out fine; I finished the run at 80.

After Recoverite and a short nap, the boy and I went to SCUBA class, which was great, but now today, I have a slight cold coming on. Hoping I can keep it mostly at bay, since I have a 4.5 hour run on Friday, and a trip to Italy next Monday - neither of which would be great with a stuffed head.

It's a little unnerving to be so tired after a 25 mile run when you're planning a 50, but I knew I wouldn't run this last one as smart as I should. The lure of the marathon training run proved to be too great; and I should've been a bit easier on myself, given the conditions. Oh well, I'll get another shot at it in 4 short days!

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