You Wanted a Cure, We Give You Temporary Tattoos

I kid because I care.

In honor of National Infusion Set Awareness Week (who knew?), Roche Diabetes is offering free temporary tattoos. The idea? You shouldn't put an infusion set in where one was before for ten days. Put on the tattoo and there's your reminder not to replow that field until it's healed.

Tattoos are free for the asking, while supplies last. More info can be found here.

I didn't feel I'd be a responsible blogger without trying one out. Hence, you'll see the tattoo where I removed my old set (this one reminds me of Optimus Prime's face), and the new set correctly positioned more than two inches from the original.

Let's be clear: this will end ugly. If the idea is you keep the tattoo on for 10 days, but the average site lasts 3.5 days, you're looking at 3 fading tattoos plus 1 infusion set. Add in a CGM and the assorted site glue that accumulates and let's just say you won't be the prettiest guy or gal on the beach.

But that's ten days from now. For today, I'm a responsible rebellion, inked up with a fresh site.

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