On the Omnipod

After waiting for a few weeks for paperwork to be sorted, filed and what-not, my Omnipod arrived yesterday. Because I am the way I am, I put it on last night without any training.

Incidentally, that's probably not something I'd recommend, as my faulty style resulted in an occlusion and waking up with a blood sugar of 300. But I digress... one fresh pod and several hours of detox later, I'm 93 and the living is easy.

So here's what I think about the Omnipod, after being on it 1 day and being on the Medtronic pump for 8 years:

1) Taking my pants off is more fun. With the pump, you're either unclipping or being careful you don't end up yanking the cord off. No such problem with the Pod, since there is no cord.

2) Having the Pod on my arm is nice. One of the main reason I did this was to give my belly a break and I like that a lot.

3) There is less trash. Others have written about how much trash is involved with a typical pump change. With the pump, things are simpler and cleaner.

4) I kind of like the built in math, after all. As someone who tends to handle simple rapid math, very easily, I never used the bolus corrector on the Medtronic pump, but programmed it all into the Omnipod and I have to admit, I like easily knowing how what's left on board affects my next bolus. I'm a little wary of relying on the device so much, only because I do fear my dependence on the Dex has resulted in a little less bg awareness, but for now, I like having more data.

5) I will be glad when the next gen Omnipod is out, The forthcoming Pod is smaller. While this is on my arm, I don't notice it, but I'm not certain I'll like it on my belly. It still feels a little lumpy.

6) I like having a meter built into the receiver. It's convenient and keeps more data integrated. I like that.

7) That being said, I do wish the receiver were a little smaller. As it is, it's a bit larger than the Medtronic pump. That's the tradeoff: the receiver IS larger but A. you don't need it with you when you're not eating and B. there's no cord.

As mentioned, I went on the Omnipod via the $300 Cut the Cord Promotion. I paid this money out of pocket from my Flexible Spending Account. This way, I was able to maintain my out-of-warranty position with insurance, which means they'll pay 100% of the next device I get, which will be either the forthcoming Omnipod or Animas - whichever of the two has Dexcom integration first. Unless, I just decide I like cordless pumping better, in which case I could see myself waiting a bit longer.

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